Oxford School


Our Mission

To Provide Extreme Practical Education where Children feel themselves secure, sage, Natural , cultural, Innovative & Make their parents creative & Active by their action.

Our Aim

To train our kids to understand the school campus easily & Enjoy their school after pre school because real learning age is complete after 5.5 years. Then for a the subconscious mind & new age it start with decision making where brain & mind both working together.

Our Vision

To make a child Social, Academic, Emotional and Aesthetic, including all development needs.

Why Oxford Only.

  • Our learning environment to Foster Your Child Creative Emotional Wellbeing & Intellect.

  • Our Education System to Provide Quality Education Which the Child Grow to His/ Her fullest Potential.

  • We have Unique Curriculum of All Our Programme to Maximize His / Her Full Potential

  • Our Focus On Intellectual Development & Child’s Independence & Self-esteem.

  • Our Teacher Are Well trained, experience, responsible & Dedicated to create healthy environment .

  • Regular Test Records, Parents Teachers Meeting, Counseling.

  • Regular SMS and Web Update about student performance events & activities.

Our Facilities

Colorful Classroom According to Shastra which helps to create academic excellence to achieve Goals, garden, Skating rink, Dance Floor , 1200 play tools, library and Smart class, Attractive furniture, Monthly club Activities with 24 hour web support and a projector room.